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Panoscan Inc. is a manufacturer of the worlds finest digital panoramic cameras and the revolutionary new PointGun 3D scanner.

Our unique, rotating camera scans 360 degree images in a single pass -- no stitching is required! Our new PointGun captures full color 3D point cloud data at a breakthrough price point.

Images captured with our panoramic digital camera can be viewed as standard flat panorama or as virtual reality movies using players such as Apple QuickTime VR. Other compatible players include Flash Panoramas, Immervision JAVA and many more.

3D point cloud data captured with the handheld PointGun can be be exported to most 3D CAD software including Autodesk products, The Cad Zone and many more...

Combining the unsurpassed image quality of the panoramic MK-3 camera with the revolutionary ease and speed of our new PointGun scanner offers a powerful combination of value.

The Panoscan Philosophy

Panoscan is proud to offer products that export NON PROPRIETARY formats that are "future proof" and compatible with ALL 3rd party software product.

This philosophy ensures compatibility now and for the future to come.

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PointGun featured in WSJ!

Panoscan Featured In LET Magazine!

Panoscan Accepted in Federal Court!

Fastest digital panoramic camera in the world

Miramar PD is using Panoscan!

Baltimore County PD is using Panoscan!

Panoscan helps NYPD document major cases!

See how NYPD is using Panoscan!

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Panoscan Partners with Veripic!

See an example of EXTREME Resolution

Wireless Remote Option!

Photographers Love Panoscan!

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Panoscan Shoots 42 Bit Color!

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Panoscan shoots Alternate Spectrum

Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Images

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