Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Imaging
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This ghostly image was captured on March 20th 2004 as part of the World Wide Panorama project. It was captured using an MK-2 camera fitted with a Hoya U-330 filter. This special filter blocks visible light but passes ultra-violet and infra-red light to the camera. The resulting image shows a representation of UV and IR energy as it looks to the CCD. The color of the image is the result of how the extended spectrum image gets filtered by the RGB sensors on the CCD. (It has not been altered in any way.) The exposure was made at ISO 400 at 1/160th using the Mamiya 24mm lens at F 8. You will need QuickTime 5 or later to view these images. The full size image requires at least 512 meg of free RAM to display properly. If your machine does not have at least 512 meg of RAM you should select the medium or small examples for best results.