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Panoscan System Embarks on Digital “Field Day of the Mind”

At Prestigious ACM1 Beyond Cyberspace Expo Booth #B36b



San Jose, CA, March 10, 2001 ¾ Panoscan’s Camera System has become the tool of choice for VR content developers to digital photographers for its crystal clear, detailed panoramic images which create fully immersive environments. Now, Panoscan will join the leading luminaries of the digital world at the prestigious ACM1 Beyond Cyberspace Conference A Journey of Many Directions hosted by the Association of Computing Machinery.  The 4-day conference/expo will be held from March 10th - March 14th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

“We are delighted to showcase the Panoscan System at this extraordinary event. Our one-of-kind camera technology creates ultra, high-resolution 360-degree digital images with unparalleled resolution, extreme light sensitivity and extraordinary capture quality. For the first time, we can create user-controlled navigation of environments—everything from automobile and airplane interiors to museums to crime scenes,” comments Ted Chavalas, Panoscan inventor and a pioneer in VR photography.

A wide range of architectural, real estate and multimedia businesses select the Panoscan System for its ability to capture an image with the same visual accuracy of a person with 20/20 vision. The Panoscan helped create the first virtual reality tour of New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art and Paris’ Louvre Museum. Law enforcement agencies, like the Kern County, California Sheriff’s Department are utilizing the same leading edge technology to capture crime scenes and create VR maps of school facilities.

With Phase One’s top-notch digital line scan technology built-in, the award-winning Mac-enabled Panoscan System enables a full-range of motions, including fully spherical image called an "equirectangular image,” when used in conjunction with a 16mm fisheye lens and the Kaidan offset bracket.  The resulting image requires no stitching and can be easily converted to cubic format for convenient viewing within seconds as a fully interactive movie on location with speed, quality and ease of use.


Weighing just 38 pounds with the tripod included, its compact design and agile handling makes the Panoscan System especially well suited for use in almost any environment.  The maximum image size is an astounding 7,000 pixels by 22,000 pixels over 390 degrees with a maximum capture speed of 125 lines per second.



The groundbreaking Panoscan System was chosen to exhibit at this event where technology vanguards such as Steve Ballmer, President & CEO of Microsoft, Noble Laureate David Baltimore and Rodney A. Brooks, Director of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab will discuss the digital future and other technology trends. The conference /expo was dubbed a “field day of the mind” because thousands of educators, students and members of the public are expected to take a first look at the future at this conference and listen to the thoughts of these digital trailblazers.


About Panoscan, Inc.


Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products, uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images with no post captures processing. The Panoscan system allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos or player-enabled virtual reality movies – representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging.


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About Association of Computing Machinery


Founded in 1947, ACM is the oldest and largest international educational and scientific society in the IT and computing field, with over 80,000 members worldwide. ACM reaches out to the computing and IT community -- offering a broad range of programs and services including the publication of more than 20+ journals and magazines, including its flagship title, Communications of the ACM.  ACM is the originator of the Turing Award, considered the "Nobel Prize" in computing.




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