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NASA’s Emergency Team Acquires New Tool for Emergency Preparation

Panoscan Becomes Preferred Provider for Military Virtual Reality Applications

Los Angeles, CA (October 8, 2002) – Preparation and meticulous planning are integral to ensuring the safety of NASA astronauts and crew.   Panoscan (, a market leader in the area of ultra high resolution panoramic imaging, is helping strengthen that proposition through the production of an interactive CD-Rom titled, DDMS Space Shuttle Fire/Crash/Rescue Procedures CBT prepared for the Department of Defense Manned Space Flight Support Office.

The DDMS Training Division (DDMS-T) is responsible for ensuring Department of Defense forces around the world are trained to support Space Shuttle contingencies.  DDMS-T relies upon computer-based training to provide a convenient means for personnel in the United States and 8 foreign countries stationed at 20 emergency landing sites to learn and review emergency procedures. 

The CD-Rom was produced by SIGMAinteractive Technologies, a high technology aerospace and information solutions provider based in Huntsville, Alabama as part of the DDMS’ ongoing efforts to stay prepared for a shuttle disaster.

“In our estimation, Panoscan’s MK-1 was the only choice for creating a virtual tour of the space shuttle.  This virtual tour is critical for emergency responders who can explore the aircraft more completely and be able to locate the emergency systems needed to safely rescue passengers and crew, and to mitigate any fires that may occur in the event of an actual emergency,” says Dennis Foth, Executive Producer, Multimedia Training Programs.

Panoscan’s ultra high resolution, 360 degree, panoramic imaging enables viewers to zoom in for a close-up examination of all aspects of the Shuttle. The same technology has been used to capture the interior and exterior of a Boeing 777 for the U.S. Air Force and capturing crime scenes for law enforcement investigation.


About Panoscan Inc.

Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images which require little if any post production. The Panoscan System allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos; QuickTime or Java enabled virtual reality movies -- representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging


More information about the company and its innovative products and applications can be found at High resolution images of the shuttle are available upon request.