PanoMetric Sets New Standards of Speed and Accuracy for Digital Measurement Inside Panoramic images.


Siggraph 2005, Los Angeles, CA (August 2, 2005) –Panoscan, Inc., a Los Angeles based manufacturer of ultra-high-resolution digital panoramic camera products, today announced the introduction of  PanoMetrictm a new photogrammetry hardware/software system that measures inside panoramic images with accuracy to a fraction of an inch. 


PanoMetric is a major advance in panoramic photogrammetry.  The system virtually eliminates the need for time consuming physical measurement of indoor and outdoor spaces.   PanoMetric can be used in conjunction with CAD systems to create 3-D models, which makes it particularly useful for animation and special effects.  PanoMetric is easy to use, and with Panoscan’s MK-3, it’s also fast to capture.  A typical room, for example, can be captured in under 2 minutes. After choosing points in the two views, PanoMetric delivers an accurate measurement, instantly.  


The MK-3 is up to eight times faster than any digital panoramic camera in the world, with a capture rate of up to 520 million pixels per minute. An ISO of 3200 and beyond, even at full resolution settings, makes the MK-3 up to four times more light sensitive than any other panoramic camera, digital or film.  This impressive capability makes it possible to shoot in both very low and very bright light situations.   This feature is particularly valuable in HDRi capture.


Panoscan products are the choice for a growing number of applications, including animation, special effects and HDRi, law enforcement, homeland security, military, tourism, school safety, and auto interior capture.


“Panoscan is a powerful tool for computer graphics and animation, because it is not only fast, but extremely light sensitive, with a capture capacity exceeding 26 stops,” says Panoscan President, Ted Chavales,  “Panoscan images are ideal for both high definition backgrounds, which is how it was used in The Time Machine, for example, and as an HDRi lighting source that helps to place the animated figure in the “real environment.  Panoscan was also used by Guest Star, Henry Winkler, on a recent episode of Crossing Jourdan, to capture and recreate a virtual crime scene, where the high definition images, helped to solve a stale case.   


About Panoscan Inc.
Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images which require little if any post production. The Panoscan System allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos or Quicktime or Java enabled virtual reality movies -- representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging.

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Casey Coss