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Leading Panoramic Digital Camera Company Showcases New Features
At Macworld Expo/ San Francisco 2001
Booth #4041 North Hall

Panoscan makes interactive panoramic digital capture a reality
Los Angeles, CA, January 2, 2000 æ Panoscan will be exhibiting, at Macworld Expo/ San Francisco 2001, its breakthrough panoramic digital camera, the Panoscan System, along with announcing two new user features: the IEEE-1394, which adapts Panoscan to work with any Macintosh™ computer equipped with FireWire™ ports. Panoscan's new application software enables images up to 40,000 pixels to be captured without interpolation. Panoscan’s award-winning, Mac-enabled digital camera will be displayed in the Kaidan Booth #4041 located in the North Hall of the Moscone Convention Center from January 9-12.

Mac users, as well as existing and future Panoscan owners, will be particularly pleased with the new IEEE-1394 option. This user-installed retrofit allows the camera to be plugged into any Macintosh via a FireWire port, thus replacing the SCSI connection. The IEEE-1394 connection allows seamless hot-patching capability and increased reliability as well.

Panoscan’s new application software version 3.5.1 and new firmware will provide greater functionality and control for Panoscan users. Some 3.5.1 feature highlights include:

• pause control to allow scans to be stopped during capture or preview
• preview resolution and rotation able to be stored in preferences
• improved image scaling for sharper images
• user selected vertical or horizontal scaling added
• images exceeding 44K by 7KK can be opened and viewed

Additionally, Panoscan's new firmware effectively doubles the horizontal resolution to take full advantage of 50mm lenses -- producing an image file that can be 7,072 by 44,000 pixels without interpolation. Both software applications will be available to Panoscan customers at no additional costs.

With Phase One’s top-notch digital line scan technology built in, the Panoscan produces high-resolution 360 degree digital images with unparalleled resolution, extreme light sensitivity and extraordinary capture quality. Panoscan's maximum capture speed is 125 lines per second producing an astounding image size of 7,072 pixels by 22,400 pixels over 390 degrees.

The versatility of the Panoscan System, which provides the ability to capture an image with the same visual acuity of a person with 20/20 vision, has proven to be effective for a growing host of Mac-based applications. It has particularly drawn resonance within the virtual reality community -- offering the perfect solution for capturing high quality cubic movies, especially when used in conjunction with Apple Computer’s new QuickTime Cubic VR.

Whether it’s a law enforcement agency capturing a crime scene, the automotive industry creating a truly immersive "virtual driver" environment or an architect doing CAD diagramming, using the Panoscan system, for the first time, images can be captured and viewed within seconds as a fully interactive movie on location with speed, quality and ease of use.

"We are proud to demonstrate the high-performance Panoscan System at the largest West Coast Mac event. Since our introduction at Macworld San Francisco in 1999, our ‘no compromise’ solution to panoramic digital capture and our ever growing features make Panoscan technology the best solution for VR and panoramic imaging professionals," says Panoscan President, and product inventor, Ted Chavalas.

Panoscan’s partnership with Kaidan, which manufactures the Nodal Point Bracket, enables photographers a full-range of motions when shooting with fisheye lenses. Kaidan’s offset bracket allows the user to align the lens over the center of rotation and also raises the camera so that the lens can "see over" the pan motor for a better view of the ground.

About Panoscan, Inc.

Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products, uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images with no post-capture processing. The Panoscan System allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos or player-enabled virtual reality movies -- representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging.

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