•  Highly Mobile.  No tripod to set up.  No wires.

•  All processing on tablet.  No laptop needed.

•  Realtime data capture and review.

•  Automatic re localization and place recognition.

•  Realtime marker-less camera tracking.

•  Realtime occlusion maps.

•  Instant colored 3D point cloud creation.

•  Cloud-optimized 3D scan compression.

•  Onboard LED Lighting for night scanning.

•  Scans continuously for over 2 hours on a charge.

•  Instant swap of Android tablet for added storage & battery.

•  Instant swap of LED battery for added run time.

•  Exports popular formats. Works with most CAD software.

•  Accurate and fast.  No scale calibration needed.

•  Calibrates to Total Station Control Targets if desired.


Imager: Near infra-red structured light + RGB color camera.

Sensor Range:  2 to 12 feet.

Capture Rate:  Up to 2 million points per second.

Max Number of points per session: Approx 20 million.

Horizontal FOV: 57.5 degrees.

Operating Temp:  Approx. 0-51C.  (0-125F)

Humidity Range:  0 - 99% non-condensing.

Point Density:   ≤ 1.7mm at 1 meter distance.

                         ≤ 3.4mm at 2 meter distance.











Tablet:  8” HD IPS LCD.  Android. (Nvidia K1 Processor.)

Storage:  16gb internal + optional SD card.

Data Transfer:  USB 2/3, Wifi.

Tablet Battery Life:  Over 3.5 hours continuous scanning.


Output Format:  Compressed .DP (Lossless)

Export Formats:  .DP, PTX, PTS, PTG and PLY. (X,Y,Z,I,R,G,B)

Survey Control Input Format:  CSV, comma delimited text file.


LED Light: 160 element LED panel with dimmer.

Battery: Makita LXT BL1830  (Operates scanner + LED)

Run Time: Over 4 hours continuous.  (Instant Swap)

Recharge Time: 25 min.

Weight: 5lbs. (With Battery)

Overall Dimensions:  14” by 9” by 4”  (With Battery)

Known Limitations:  Cannot scan in direct sunlight.