Why Resolution DOES matter on the Web

Base Resolution
These two images were shot with the same camera on the same day. They are presented on this web page at exactly the same size with the same JPEG compression. No retouching has been done.

You may notice that the image on the right looks cleaner somehow? Why? The answer is: OVER SAMPLING!

It is a common misconception that it is a waste of time to scan an image at 150 or 300 DPI for presentation on the web. Why bother it will be seen at 72 DPI right? NO! Remember that QuickTime VR allows the viewer to ZOOM in on the detail! Screen resolution is variable in a VR player.

As you can see these two images are presented on your web page at exactly the same size with the same JPEG compression yet the image on the left shows several ugly artifacts caused by scanning at low resolution.

The image on the left was originally scanned as a panoramic image at 884 by 3000 pixels. (Both images have been cropped for presentation in this example.) The image on the right was shot at double the size or 1768 by 6000 pixels. The image on the right was then shrunk using Photoshop to 884 by 3000 pixels to match the size of the smaller scan exactly.

Notice how the bricks on the base resolution scan shows a moiré pattern. Also notice the ugly rainbow colors on the stair railings on the base resolution scan. You will also notice that the base resolution scan on the left has an overall "jaggy" look to it.

The over sampled image on the right shows none of these problems yet it is presented on your web page at exactly the same resolution. The image on the right is noticeably cleaner because it was OVER SAMPLED at double the finished resolution on the web page.

The extensive over sampling capability of the Panoscan system delivers razor sharp images where other lower resolution digital cameras will look "jaggy". This photograph was dramatically improved by simply selecting a higher resolution setting. This is clear proof that the high resolution settings on the panoscan camera can result in much cleaner looking movies for web use. The over sampled images will always look cleaner and compress to smaller sizes when compared with base resolution scans.

At a maximum vertical resolution of over 6000 pixels the Panoscan camera allows extensive over sampling capabilities. Even your larger printed scans can benefit from these higher resolution settings.