PANOSCAN MK-3 used to capture the United Nations

Jens Look from Spinning Eye and his team of producers spent over six months taking photographs, filming and researching on-site at UN Headquarters in New York for the new multimedia CD-ROM adventure “A Virtual Tour of the United Nations”.

The CD-ROM contains 150 interactive QuickTime VR movies, captures with the PANOSCAN MK-3.
Jens Look: "We prepared this important production over three years and I needed a camera that is reliable, fast, provides high resolution files and get me the best possible quality in every lighting situation. The PANOSCAN MK-3 was the only camera that fits it all. Because of the high speed of the PANOSCAN I was able to made all images with the maximum resolution. Many rooms inside the United Nations building are very difficult to shoot and it was incredible how the PANOSCAN could handle the low-light situations."

The PANOSCAN inside the General Assembly and in the waiting room behind the podium.
Co-produced by Spinning Eye and the UN's Department of Public Information, “A Virtual Tour of the United Nations” features an inside look of the UN, its main bodies and the people that work to make the world a better place.

More than 100 hotspots on the tour route give additional information about the different locales in the building complex, the artwork and the UN system.

The CD-ROM will be used by the United nations as an important outreach tool for the Organization and will also be sold in ten different languages to tourists, libraries and schools worldwide.

Click here for an QTVR example of the General Assembly Hall.

The official website of the CD ROM with screenshots and an order form:

The shooting of the Security Council