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Public Safety

MicaSense RedEdge MX Dual Camera System

With our solutions and services, Farmers and Growers can capture and process accurate analytical data on crop analysis, indices on plant health and stress, vegetation analysis, plant classification, soil analysis to make long term decisions that lower costs, maximize yields and increase ROI.
Thermal / IR
FLIR Boson 30Hz and 60Hz Thermal IR Sensors

The Public Safety and Emergency Response Sectors are using our turnkey solutions and services to obtain real time imagery and data analytics for early fire detection, Hazmat detection, monitoring and trace detection to save lives and property.



GeoSLAM and Yellowscan LiDAR sensors
Heavy Construction, Building Construction, Architectural and BIM companies are using our solutions and services with advanced technologies to provide data analytics for 2D and 3D modeling, measurements, and mapping needed to make accurate decisions that impact ROI.
Sony RGB and FLIR IR sensors
Our solutions and services are allowing mining companies and Geologists to detect a mines natural surface; a mines infrastructure; create pit models & contour maps; calculate volume and inventory data; and monitor in real time staff safety on a job site resulting in a boost in productivity; a higher level of safety; and increased ROI.


We offer fully integrated turnkey system solutions that include UAV and UGV platforms.
Geospatial sensors, analytical software, and data post processing services designed to support customer applications.



Turn Key Packages


Panoscan Service Professionals Turning Data To Decisions

Our turnkey solutions offer the most advanced sensor technologies to capture the data needed for your specific business decisions. Our team utilizes a consultative, collaborative approach in working with each client application to offer an integrated system solution package with an aerial or ground platform, 3D geospatial sensors, data processing and analytical software tailored for each client application.  We plan, manage, and execute the capture,  processing, and interpretation of the precise 3D geospatial data needed to resolve each client application challenge. 


We help you get the data you want, exactly how you need it to be, to do what you need to do. Our UAV turnkey solution with the new MicaSense Dual Camera now offers the capture of 10 spectral bands of near IR and UV light (400 to 900 nm range) providing real time data collection of land and aquatic vegetation; plant species classification, crop yield and satellite imagery comparisons impacting agriculture industry decisions


The Panoscan team provides you with data processing, decision making capabilities to save you time and money, while we get the job done for you, fast and easily. Our UAV turnkey solutions with longwave FLIR thermal IR Boson and Tau 640 solution (10000 to 14000nm range) offers the aerial data capture of real time surface temperature, detection of fires and environmental hazards, object and living beings (animal and human) for analysis, mapping, inspection, live feeds, and more to assist in supporting emergency response challenges.


Get our expert licensed drone pilots to come and fly your aircrafts, scan & plan your flights. Our aerial and ground turnkey solutions with laser based LiDAR sensors offer high resolution data collection and analytics for 2D and 3D models of natural and man -made objects and structures that require highly accurate measurements impacting the decision making process of construction and mining industry customers.

HD VIDEO Aerial Drone Pilots

Panoscan will train you and your team how to use any of the equipment we can offer you. We have UAV turnkey solutions ready to offer you with... RGB/video cameras capture real time HD video (400 to 700nm spectrum) for survey of land vegetation and supporting emergency response challenges.


GET THE CHANCE TO SEE THESE DEVICES SAVE YOU TIME ON YOUR NEXT DATA CAPTURE OR POINT CLOUD PROJECT! GIS Experts, Mining Professionals and Academic Departments Througout California, Nevada and Arizona are loving these tools.

“A global market leader in 3D geospatial technology solutions. Our unique “go-anywhere” technology is adaptable to all environments especially spaces that are indoor, underground or difficult to access, providing accurate 3D mapping without the need for GPS or WiFi.”

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